Exciting News! Restless Virgins will be premiering as a Lifetime Original Movie on Saturday, March 9, at 8pm (7c). Michael Roiff (Waitress) and the creative team at Night and Day Productions have developed a powerful screenplay based on our book, and worked in partnership with Harvey Kahn Productions to make the movie. The film stars Emmy Award-winning actor Timothy Busfield, Switched at Birth actress Vanessa Marano, Supernatural actor Max Lloyd-Jones and Desperate Housewives’ Charlie Carver. You can find more info over at Lifetime.

We’ll be watching on March 9th — and hope you’ll be, too!

Praise for Restless Virgins, the Movie 

“The real star, if that’s the right word, is the culture of casual sex and misogyny at the school, where the sense of entitlement, especially among male students from rich and powerful families, is suffocating and dismaying.” — The New York Times

“An unexpectedly compelling look at the caste system, cruelty and casual sex at a privileged prep school.” — Variety

About the Book: Restless Virgins is the riveting real-life story of the intimate lives of seven teenagers. Set at a prep school near Boston, Massachusetts, the book takes place during the year of a widely publicized sex scandal. But it’s not just about a scandal; it’s a compassionate, honest portrait of the lives of today’s girls and boys. A work of narrative nonfiction, Restless Virgins reveals the changing landscape of teenage sexuality.

Restless Virgins is about fitting in, taking risks, hooking up, and breaking up. About best friends and parents, settling and survival, and always the search for love. Everything that happens here is true.

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Restless Virgins premieres as Lifetime Original Movie

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